Setting options

Tab - General

Group - Subtitle Rendering

Option - Bottom Margin

Set up the subtitle bottom margin.

Option - Base Style

Set up the subtitle base style.

Option - Mouse Action

Set up the subtitle and the mouse interaction behavior.

Group - Subtitle Menu

Option - Subtitle Count

Set up the subtitle count.

Tab - Language

Group - Machine Translation

Option - Language List

Set up the language list.

  • Only Polular Languages: Show a shorter language list.
  • All Avaiable Languages: Show a very long language list.

Option - Translation Engine

Set up the translation engine.

Option - Translation Mode

Set up the translation mode.

  • Auto: Automatically select.
  • Enhance: Use contextual translation.
  • Normal: Use non-contextual translation.

Group - Chinese Analysis

Option - Pinyin Scheme

Set up the pinyin scheme.

Group - Japanese Analysis

Option - Furigana Character

Set up the characters for adding furigana.