Settings Options


Subtitle Rendering

Bottom Margin

Setup the margin between the subtitles and the bottom of the video.

Base Style

Setup subtitle base style.

Mouse Action

Setup the interactive behavior when the mouse is over the subtitle text.

Subtitle Menu

Subtitle Count

Setup the count of subtitles, up to 8.

Show Only Languages

This option is used to reduce the "Subtitle Language" and the "Machine Translation" menu items.

Note: It should has at least one literal language code matches, otherwise no menu items will be hidden.

Related document: Language Code.


Machine Translation

Language List

Setup translation language list.

The "popular languages" is based on the statistics of the translate interface on Dualsub server, it also includes your browser language.

Translation Engine

Setup translation engine.

Translation Mode

Setup translation mode.

Related document: Improve YouTube Translation.

Chinese Analysis

Pinyin Scheme

Setup the pinyin scheme.


Japanese Analysis

Furigana Character

Setup the furigana character for Japanese.

This option only decides add furigana data or not, how to display the furigana data is controlled by the style system.