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Load External Subtitle Files

Open the extension setting page, switch to the "File" tab, in here you can manage the external subtitle files.

Add Subtitles

The sidebar shows the added subtitle files, and right panel shows the selected subtitle file properties.

You can input the subtitle content in the "Code" field, and the subtitle format will be automatically detected.

Supported subtitle formats:

  • WebVTT .vtt
  • SubRip .srt
  • SubStation Alpha .ass
  • TTML .ttml
  • Lyric .lrc

Enable Subtitles

Select a subtitle in the sidebar, for exmaple, the subtitle name is Example, and the language is English, then check the checkbox in the "Website" field.

And then open or reload a YouTube video page, in the "Standard Mode" tab, select the menuitem English [Exmaple] in the the "Subtitle Language" menu.

All videos of the corresponding website will add a menuitem of the external subtitle. If you no longer need the external subtitle, you can uncheck the checkbox in the the "Website" field.

Note that the language code of the external subtitle menuitem, it includes the string .file, for example, en.file1, which means the first subtitle file, and the language is English.