Dualsub - Dual Subtitles for YouTube


  • Dual Subtitles: Displays original and translated subtitles side by side, allowing flexible pairing of original and translated languages, as well as human-generated and machine-generated subtitles.
  • Machine Translation: Features a context-aware translation mode specifically designed for subtitle translation, resulting in translations with more natural sentence breaks, aligning more accurately with the originals.
  • Efficient and Flexible: Using the segmented processing strategy, machine-generated subtitles are processed on demand as the playback progresses. The subtitles are displayed in coherent clauses, synchronized with the audio without delay.
  • Broad Website Support: Supports YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and over 10 other video websites.
  • Multiple Platform Compatibility: Compatible with browsers supporting the Manifest V3 extension specification, runs on Android and iOS devices.